Videos of children living in other parts of the world

"Wonderfully special website... Wanted to say how impressed I am with your films, look forward to seeing many more...this is special work for all our children that you are doing... God bless. I have recommended your site to our school community."

- Anne

Steiner School, Australia

 "Watching these kids be so happy with such little they have makes my problems seem so small. It makes me want to go out and climb trees and just get away for a little bit. They inspire me."

- Serena Finnemore

Peabody, MA

"Thank you for providing these excellent teaching resources! I teach Grade 6 Social Studies and my students were transfixed by these videos. It helped them to appreciate the things that they have and realize that people in other countries can have full and happy lives with significantly less material objects. I used your website as material in a Needs/Wants/Quality of Life unit and they really helped to emphasize that people can have all of their needs met without all of the extra luxury we enjoy here in Canada."

- Kara Fidelack

Hudson Bay Community School

Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

"Your videos give me an appreciation for the absolutely stunning emotional beauty of humanity."

- Linda Neumaier

Glendale, California

"Thanks so much for making these videos available for free so that teachers like me can access them. I have just shown all four this week to my second graders. The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words is so true! And a video is worth ten thousand! I love the lessons they learn from watching kids with so few material things being so happy. Now we are going to do a writing project on what they have learned. These beautiful and respectful videos are such a great gift. Thanks again."

- Sally Bergquist

2nd grade teacher, Olympia, Washington

"Thank you so much for these videos, they are just what I am looking for to use in my classroom on the topic of life in other places."

- Simone McLaughlin

Muff School

Donegal, Ireland

"I am a mother and an educator and I want to thank you for this work. I grew up overseas and so I understand the level of poverty for these children and their families. I struggle to make students and my own children aware of how fortunate they are to have basic human necessities, like running water and electricity. I plan to use your videos with my classes and my children so that I can show them the lives of children in under developed countries. I will also be spreading the word about your videos. Thank you, again!"

- Elizabeth Smiley

Torrence Creek Elementary School

Huntersville, North Carolina

"My 3 children and I found these videos yesterday and we absolutely loved them....My children loved how much the kids helped their parents doing big jobs. They have also asked to help me more too. I too have realized that my children are absolutely more capable than I give them credit for. We can't wait for more videos!"

- Katie Christensen

Parkersburg, West Virginia

“I was so glad to find these videos online....It was a very humbling experience for my children to realize how fortunate they are and how easy and full of comfort their lives are...Thank you again for what you are doing. We look forward to your next videos as my kids have learned through them how much we really have and how your don’t need to have a lot of things, just love and family as the children in the videos showed them.”

- Jenny Zook

Lafayette, Oregon

"One of the unique aspects of these videos is that they are presented through the eyes of children who are approximately the same age as my students. This approach fosters in my students an extraordinarily powerful connection and appreciation of countries and children heretofore unfamiliar to them....I strongly believe these videos should be incorporated into elementary school curricula because they enrich students' thinking and broaden their scope of awareness to a global level.”

- Helen Simmons, 4th grade teacher

Arcadia, California Unified School District

"The soul is healed by being with children.” - English proverb