Videos of children living in other parts of the world

KIDS IN OTHER COUNTRIES is a video project designed to help young children understand 
what life is like for kids their own age living in other parts of the world.

We hope these videos inspire children to open their eyes to the wider world and be more curious about it.
Ideally, when older, these children will go out into the world and make it a better place.

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I thought it was interesting that people make coconut milk with their hands. I was surprised to see kids working

because I thought kids played all the time like me... It made me happy that kids helped their families.

I have learned about how good working is. --Mason Reed, 8

Our class watched some videos of kids around the world. I thought it was interesting that some kids

don't have many toys because I thought kids have a lot of toys... It made me happy that kids have not a lot

of toys but they still had fun. I have learned a lot about kids are still like us. --Braeden Konrad, 8

I think Linda is an amazing girl because she can do things a girl here can't do with only a few resources.

I hope one day someone could supply them with better things to eat, drink, and build with. --Dillon Chu, 10

The Honduras film was a really great way for me to learn other cultures and struggles....

Watching this film made me wonder how it would be if I could live there! --Shriya Velichala, 10

"If we wish to create lasting peace, we must begin with the children." - Mahatma Gandhi